The High Challenge Course at Bellevue Challenge Course & Zip Tour is an exciting adventure at height that will challenge your group both physically and mentally!  Each program begins with an exploration of expectations and a discussion about how the group members will support individual choice.  All participants will be fit into their gear and given the opportunity to set individual as well as group goals.  They will then participate in ground school where they will learn and demonstrate proper use of their personal life safety system before heading up onto the course.  Once in the air, participants choose which elements will help them meet their goals and go forth to tackle them while serving as a resource to other participants on the course.  



  • Age/Chaperones: Available for participants 6th grade & older; For groups bringing youth, at least one adult chaperone must be present for the duration of the program; additional chaperones may be required

  • Height: No height restriction

  • Weight: Maximum weight 250 lbs for climbers


  • Approximately 3 hours per 12-18 participants; 4 hours per 19-24 participants

  • Suitable for various group sizes; for both youth and adult

  • Discounted non-profit and/or youth pricing is available

  • Can be combined with the Low Course and/or the Vertical Playpen for a full day or multi-day program


  • Participants will be required to manage their own life safety system transfers (following training, and under supervision). Participants MUST demonstrate competency prior to being allowed on the course.

  • Each participant must read and sign a Participant Release in order to participate. Minors must also have their parent/guardian read and sign. Completed forms must be presented the day of the program prior to participation.

  • Cost varies depending on the type of group - feel free to Contact Us, send us an email at, or give us a call at (206) 348-3941