Exploring Our Neighborhood

ABOVE: A map of the boundaries to find your clues. click to enlarge.


Welcome to the South Exit!

Once the team decides you are finished exploring Volunteer Park, continue into the neighborhood for more clues and points in the scavenger hunt - don't forget to use those skills you worked on in the morning! Stay hydrated and practice self-care as there will be a fair bit of walking between here and our final destination, Holy Names Academy. Should you need guidance or assistance, look for a banana! Here's a map that will show you where all of your clues can be answered. Remember to obey traffic laws and stay out of yards ;-)

  • Record your answers on your answer sheet (Every page needs team name & team member's names.
  • Turn in to a banana-human BEFORE you begin to tye-dye
  • Return to Holy Names no later than 1:45pm
  • Good Luck!

1. What's sold at Volunteer Park on Saturday? (5)

2. On what corner can you find a pair of spiral-shaped trees? (10)

3. What animal guards the Shafer-Baillie Mansion? How many? (10)

4. Who is remodeling the house with a bell-shaped roof? (10)

5. What permit allows you to park on the streets between 7AM & 6PM? (5)

6. Who left their mark outside of the Clube House? (15)

7. What color is the attic curtain of the Clube House? (5)

8. What house number is spelled out? (25)

9. How many family members are painted as a family portrait near a front door? (10)

10. When & Where in Capitol Hill is EAT OUT Seattle happening? (15)

11. Who builds the bus shelters? (20)

12. Who is it the law to stop for? (10)

13. What house has Saturn as it's windvane? (15)

14. Record your team reciting "A Poem for September" and post it to our Facebook Page with a #hashtag of your team name for credit. (50)

15. Where can you find a deer? (10)

16. What animal flies outside of 1431 E Ward? (5)

17. There are more lions guarding more homes - where are they? (20)

18. How many squares are on the purple gate? (20)

19. What kind of tree is the Heritage Tree? (5)

20. Why are the Heritage Trees grown in Seattle? (10)

21. What creatures are depicted on the North side of St. Josephs? (5)

22. STOP unless you're who? (10)

23. What part of the year is the Broadway Farmer's Market open? (5)

24. What is the name of the landscape architect East of Tully's? (5)

25. Stop across the street from St. Joseph's and get your teeth fixed. Where is this? (5)

26. It's water with an extra atom, what is it? (10)

27. It's Greek to me but the food is good, what café is this? (5)

28. What Holy Names graduating class gave the benches near the statue of St. Mary? (10)

29. On what block on what street near Holy Names are there 5 big trees in a line that have scars from cars? How many of these are adorned with a hazard sign? (10)

30. What is the license plate number of bus #5? (5)

31. At Holy Names Academy, what is the phone number of all city fence and where did you find it? (15)