Holy Names Sophomore Retreat 2016


Scavenger Hunt Logistics

Each sticker team will be divided in half and will have a guide (either a facilitator or a chaperone) for the afternoon event - learning about our place here in Capitol Hill! The map above shows the boundaries outside the park where clues can be answered. Your guide will have a code to access your team's questions outside of the park. All questions inside Volunteer Park can be found at the dotted blue marks with a QR code. When you're ready for a new set of questions, complete the clue written in BOLD.

Each time will start in 1 of 2 closed-loop circuits that consist of 5 total sub-stations. Once a team completes their desired level of completion of the loop circuit, return to either the Seattle Asian Art Museum or the Black Sun to find a QR code that gains you access into the other closed-loop circuit of clues.

When you're ready to leave Volunteer Park and head to your destined neighborhood hunt, refer to your adult guide for the QR code to clues outside of the park boundaries, which will include a new map of where answers can be found.

Basic Rules:

  • Team must stay together (and with their adult) for the whole hunt!
  • Obey traffic laws 100% of the time!
  • No running.
  • Answers must be recorded on answer sheet and include team name & team members on EVERY PAGE. Not every question needs to be answered.
  • Submit completed answer sheets to a banana-human BEFORE you be gin to tye-dye
  • Do not share answers with other students

All teams must be back at Holy Names no later than 1:45pm

If you need help, find a banana. Good Luck!