Any course or tour, no matter how well built, is only as good as the staff who are trained to work it. We provide excellent training to your staff so they can provide great programs to your clients.  All of our trainings are designed to the ANSI/ACCT 03- 2016 Standard and are well documented both for the clients and the trainees.

We strongly encourage all practitioners to become certified under the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) certification structure to validate their skills.  Northwest Teambuilding hosts open enrollment trainings for all levels of practitioners, as well as open enrollment course management trainings.  Please check our Training & Workshop Calendar for upcoming training dates.  If you don’t see the training that you need, please Contact Us and let us know.  We take inquiries and occasionally schedule additional training dates if there is a need within our community.

Trainings can always be customized to meet the specific needs of your program or staff.  We deliver summer staff trainings, fall refreshers, spring intensives, and emergency rescue trainings regularly at our Pacific Northwest clients’ sites.  Our trainers have years of both program and training delivery experience and enjoy sharing their expertise to help other practitioners grow!