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What is a challenge course anyway?

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Put yourself in this situation: You are at a gathering of friends and family just as the holiday weekend approaches. There are some relatives you haven't seen in many years, and sure enough, you see Aunt Soo and Uncle Kyle from across the room.

As usual, you exchange hugs and catch up on their kids. Everything seems to be going so well for everyone.

Aunt Soo shares that she is finally going to retire next year after serving forty years in the State Forestry Service. Uncle Kyle kids how hard it is to keep up with Soo, but he still loves his work at the college and won't retire for another few years.

Soo states, "Now I know you've been doing some work on these course-things, right? I've heard about this - its like Survivor right, or is it, um, like American Ninja War? We love watching that show on Sunday nights. What exactly do you do where you work on this course? And what is the course, anyway?

RESPOND BELOW: Answer the question, what type of work do you do? And what is this "course" thing anyway. In other words, what is your 30 second response when someone asks you where you work, and what you do.

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