We know that the people who work in our industry are special!  The staff at Northwest Teambuilding decided to have a little fun and put together a list of 25 non-traditional skills that we feel will enhance your value and experience as a practitioner.  You probably won't have them all, but you can try!  These skills make you even more awesome with the clients that you work with, your co-workers, or just generally seem like a good idea to try out - enjoy!

  1. Ability to embody a pirate

  2. Immediate accommodation of alternate personas (always have a mustache in your pocket)

  3. Tying a clove hitch with one hand

  4. Secret codes. Know some.

  5. (Un)reasonable responses as to why anyone would want to save evil radio active lime green monkeys of terror

  6. Have/be able to find good hiding spots

  7. Tell time without a watch/clock

  8. Able to make shadow puppets

  9. Eagerness to learn and grow

  10. Ability to surf and/or snowboard

  11. Wicked awesome cooking skills - especially for lunches on the go

  12. Able to perform at least five (5) pointless human tricks (cross your eyes, roll your tongue, etc.)

  13. Able to perform at least three (3) foreign accents convincingly well

  14. Know plant identification and lore

  15. Able to permanently fix things with duct tape and/or dental floss

  16. Know how to sing at least three (3) silly or informative songs

  17. Know how to tie a Prusik in dual leg lanyards

  18. Have informed opinions on gaming systems

  19. Two words: MAD PATIENCE 

  20. Know how to do cartwheels or some other sweet gymnastics move

  21. Able to work movie quotes and/or music lyrics seamlessly into any conversation

  22. Able to sail a boat, pilot a plane, or race a car...reasonably safely

  23. Able to bust out random trivia about comics/heroes/villains, Star Wars, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, or other suitably geeky/nerdy (but really super cool) topics

  24. Know how to be honest and nice no matter what

  25. Be good about sharing your snacks