To build your best experience, Northwest Teambuilding needs to understand the goals you have in mind for your adventure.  Most of our program clients fall into one of two main categories:

  • Team and Educational Based Programs  These programs are designed to be a deliberate learning experience for a group of participants.  Specific goals are identified for each program and our staff facilitate each program with these outcomes in mind. Some examples of groups who fit into this category are school field trips, sports teams, corporate teams, youth and community groups, and university-based clubs and associations.  Consider exploring the following options:

  • Recreational Programs These programs are designed to be an active way to play and enjoy a day with a few friends or a group of like-minded adventurers!  You can sign up for these programs as an individual or in small groups and can expect to meet and enjoy the company of other thrill seekers during your experience.  Organized groups such as corporate teams and those celebrating special events are always welcome to Contact Us to talk about scheduling their own private play day.  Consider exploring the following options:

In addition to this, we also offer Summer Camp at the Bellevue Challenge Course & Zip Tour for youth ages 11 - 13 years old.  This special program is a special blend of recreation and education, and a great way opportunity for self exploration in a team-based environment. Please visit the Summer Camp page for more information.