The Vertical Playpen at the Bellevue Challenge Course & Zip Tour is a wonderful option for groups who would like to experience a high challenge course element with a large team-based component. Climbing teams of up to three people at a time will set goals and rely on their team members to help get them there! The ground team is charged with coaching and belaying their climbers, and will also get the chance to climb and be supported when their turn comes.  The Vertical Playpen program allows team members to challenge themselves in ways other than climbing, while remain fully invested in the group's experience.  Every team member plays a critical role regardless of whether they choose to climb or not, which makes this a perfect option for groups who have several people that might otherwise opt out of a high element experience with their team.  This program pairs beautifully with a Low Course teambuilding experience.



  • Age: No age restriction; best with 5th grade and older due to belaying requirements

  • Height: No height requirement

  • Weight: Maximum weight 250 lbs for climbers


  • Approximately 2 hours per 12-15 participants; multiple small teams may rotate through

  • Can be combined with the Low Course and/or the High Course for a full day or multi-day program

  • Suitable for various group sizes; both youth and adult

  • Discounted non-profit and youth pricing is available

  • For groups bringing youth, an adult chaperone is required for each small team on the course


  • Participants will be required to manage belay ropes for each other (while under supervision) for a significant portion of time in this program. Attention/focus challenges should be considered when choosing this program.

  • Each participant must read and sign a Participant Release in order to participate. Minors must also have their parent/guardian read and sign. Completed forms must be presented the day of the program prior to participation.

  • Cost varies depending on the type of group - feel free to Contact Us, send us an email at, or give us a call at (206) 348-3941